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Ning'an Grain, Oil and Starch Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Ning'an City Grain Starch Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is committed to the industrialization of agriculture, in general contracting, engineering consulting, process design, technology development, customer service as a whole, the main products are potato starch, starch grains and protein equipment equipment, extraction equipment, cleaning equipment, solid liquid separation equipment, powder drying equipment, automatic control system and so on. At the same time, other crops starch deep processing and transformation is the leading direction. The company is located in the Industrial Economic Development Zone, Ning'an city in Heilongjiang Province, covers an area of 54000 square meters, has 90 employees, including 25 technicians, equipment complete, from process design to equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning one-stop. The products are well sold in the three provinces of Northeast China and far away from North China, northwest and southwest. From 2005 to 2009, in four years, four of the largest potato starch projects in Asia were successfully installed in our company. In 2007 -2015 has for the factory production of 8 sets of juice protein production line, has successfully solved the difficult problem of wastewater treatment, and receive good economic benefit. "To provide customers with high quality products" is our company's goal and quality management. The company's quality policy is: quality for life, beyond customer expectations, scientific management and quality, continuous improvement and development. And in 2003 through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.

The company all kinds of mechanical processing equipment complete, strong mechanical machining and welding processing capacity. With the combination of CNC milling machine and advanced water jet cutting machine, laser cutting machine, technology, precision pulse TIG welding of advanced plasma cutting, and large forging equipment, ensure the quality of products manufacturing.

The company vigorously implemented information technology and entered the era of computer aided design. It has its own website and set up information bridge. It can cooperate with designers and designers around the world to design and exchange information. It lays a solid foundation for quick and high quality design requirements for customers.

The company has a strong technical force, the company has a senior engineer led design team, professional management team. And continue to carry out technical training to improve the quality. To meet the ever-changing technology development and customer requirements. At the same time, cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutes. In cooperation with the Harbin Institute of Technology and Heilongjiang Light Industrial Design Institute, the automatic control system and process design for the development of the potato starch production line are developed. In the process of growing and growing, the company is constantly learning from the same industry in Europe, and is cooperating with well-known manufacturers in China to form a joint fleet to develop the starch equipment market at home and abroad. The company is willing to work with all parties to contribute to the agricultural industrialization of China and the deep processing of agricultural products. The company is confident that we will develop and produce better products with advanced technology and scientific management, give back to our customers, provide better services and create a better future.

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