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Introduction of the working process of starch processing equipment

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Introduction of the working process of starch processing equipment

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Starch processing equipment is fine and uniform, and the free rate of starch is high. The crushing components of a national patent - barbed nail roller, starch equipment manufacturers will fresh through the high-speed rotation of the plane and broken into pieces, fine slag less, no blocking mesh, beneficial to extract starch, at the same time, do not need to wear a sharp spike rush (forging) roller, to ensure the continuity of operations, to ensure the there is enough water level washing room, fully washing the pulp residue after crushing, overflow into the two level washing filtering drying, which overcomes the difficult to filter a filter net defects, filtering rate is greatly improved. Energy saving and water saving, the machine can process about 2000-3000 kilograms of fresh potatoes per hour, and use 9 kilowatts of power to save electricity. The two level washing is carried out sequentially, and the water can be recycled.

 Starch equipment manufacturer

  The equipment of red starch processing improved starch powder extraction rate, extraction rate of starch was more than 98%, the roller water production, the starch white degree is higher, the production of 1.5-2 tons per hour, with a 7.5 kW motor, strong maneuverability, can be installed four wheel tractor work, hand tractor, motor supporting the use of the machine directly, the installation and maintenance, easy to move, is ideal for starch processing equipment of individual households. Mainly by the washing of raw materials, grinding, screening, separation of protein, cleaning, dehydration and drying and other processes. The main difference between traditional production methods and modern production methods, is that the latter use of disc centrifuge or hydrocyclone separation instead of launder impurities, make the operation more capable of automatic and continuous mass production.

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