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The technique of using the dryer

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The technique of using the dryer

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1. When the pressure of the dryer system is unbalance, check whether there is leakage or blockage in the system and whether the pressure pipe is blocked.

2. When the dust of the dryer bag dust collector is exported to the powder, check whether the bag is broken off or broken, change and repair in time.

Whole corn flour equipment

3, dryer in the air temperature and other conditions under the normal gas outlet temperature is high, the slow increase speed to increase the feeder feeding quantity, the gas outlet temperature to the desired temperature; on the other hand, the gas outlet temperature is low, affect the moisture content of dry goods, will reduce the air drying machine screw feeder speed, reduce the feed quantity so, the gas outlet temperature rise to the required temperature.

4, when a sudden blackout, the dryer should be cleaned in order to prevent the dry and hard wet material inside the machine, plug the drier ring gap, and drive the quality of the product again.

5, if the system pressure suddenly increases and cannot be eliminated, it is necessary to cut off the power immediately, and the operator quickly leave the operation site to prevent injury when it explode.

6, in the process of operation such as venting valve suddenly opened, must be evacuated in the first time and shut down the air dryer fan then turn off the feeder.

Some of them need attention from our operators, and some of them are for the drier itself, which we need to master.

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