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How to maintain starch processing equipment

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How to maintain starch processing equipment

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Belong to the traditional family workshop production, starch equipment combined with simple operation, raw material cleaning, crushing, filtering and removing the impurities by mechanized production, while the starch sedimentation filtration and drying process using the traditional way, both to ensure that the investment is not high and can keep the traditional crafts of starch quality, at the same time, a high degree of market acceptance, can be described as is too, in the normal potato starch processing is not feasible, mainly because of short period of processing, storage of raw materials, the longer storage time, the lower content of starch, starch processing equipment of each section are combined together, to ensure the installation and debugging of the site is simple and the cost is low. Starch equipment

    But the starch purification process is still the traditional sedimentation tank. While the economic type starch production line can be completed from the cleaning to packing the entire production process, starch production line automation, throughout all manufacturing processes are mechanical production, manual operation equipment; the relative standard type, different production line production line of economic type and standard type starch starch in starch processing the equipment configuration is relatively simple, service life and stable quality of starch equipment, no other differences. There should be sufficient water sources. If the pump water supply system fails, it should be shut down. If it is normal, it can continue to be used. If it is found that the slag contains starch, it should replace Rosie, or the surface of the sieve will be blocked by potato bars. It needs to be dried, rubbed, cleaned and dried.

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