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What is the characteristic of sweet potato starch equipment

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What is the characteristic of sweet potato starch equipment

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Introduction of sweet potato starch equipment

The comprehensive advantages of domestic and foreign equipment developed a potato production equipment for processing, small farmers scattered investment, equipment manufacturers for processing starch of potato, sweet potato, cassava, sweet potato and potato; Canna, Ge Gen, lily, yams and other various tuber plants, is the ideal equipment for starch processing enterprises, vermicelli vermicelli processing enterprises, farmers and other processing sweet potato, potatoes and other potato starch.

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Characteristics of sweet potato starch equipment

Potato starch separator can be sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams and other one-time processing potato starch, and the starch extraction, slurry residue separation, then used to make noodles, vermicelli, starch or other products processed again, also known as sweet potato starch, potato starch separator.

With reliable performance, compact and reasonable structure, safe and convenient use, grinding, separation, slag once completed, and at the same time slurry residue separation operation, suitable for crop potato starch processing. This machine has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, flexible use, and so on.

The structure of sweet potato starch equipment

The main chassis, the hedgehog type roller, spindle, base, filter and other components, simple structure, reasonable layout, with 220V/380V voltage, household lighting electricity can drive, convenient and effective, slag once completed, and at the same time to complete the work of starch slurry residue separation, suitable for processing tuber crops.

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