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Market analysis of refined potato starch

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Market analysis of refined potato starch

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There are many kinds of products of modified starch and starch derivatives. Starch manufacturers are more widely used, which not only improves the economic value of starch, but also the properties of various new products are more suitable for industrial production.

Other starches have an irreplaceable role in some industries. Potato starch can be used as food processing raw materials or additives for fans, jelly, ice cream, instant noodles and other food processing, can also be used as industrial production materials used in various industrial fields, papermaking, printing and dyeing, sizing casting, medicine, chemical industry and light industry, leather etc.. With the development of science and technology, with the original starch as raw material, processed by physical and chemical method and enzyme preparation, can change the original starch solubility, viscosity, permeability, water absorption, gel and other physical and chemical properties, produce a series of different properties of modified starch and starch derivatives.

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market analysis

According to the relevant data, the demand for potato starch is about 700000 tons in China, and there are only 10 plants in China that produce more than 5000 tons of starch. The output of the highest starch product is only more than 50 thousand tons, accounting for 7% of the total domestic demand. About 200000 tons are imported through various channels, with a gap of about 400000 tons in the domestic market.

From the industry perspective by using potato starch, 80% in developed countries for medicine, textile, papermaking and oil industry and other fields, while China's current 90% potato starch is used in food industry, with the development of market economy and internationalization, the use of the food industry from outside the industry of potato starch will continue to increase. In the future, the potato starch Market in China will have a great development space.


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