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辽宁Multi tube cyclone

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辽宁Multi tube cyclone

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Detailed introduction

Multi tube cyclone

The cyclone is the key equipment of potato starch, wheat starch, other grain starch and modified starch production line, which is used for continuous separation, concentration and washing. It can also be used in chemical production.

Are all made of stainless steel, the surface of the polishing process, the remaining part of Caiya light processing, beautiful appearance;

The products are widely used in the concentration and washing of potato starch and wheat starch.

It has good wear resistance, easy replacement and reliable work.

The type and quantity of the swirl tube used in different materials are different to adapt to different working conditions.

The unique sealing technology ensures the reliability of the seal and the simple operation.

The cyclone has two kinds of single cavity and double cavity.

According to the production scale and process flow of the user, it can be composed of 15, 17 or 25 levels.

Each level is equipped with an exhaust device and a pressure gauge.

Multi tube cyclone

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