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Structural characteristics and performance advantages of sweet potato crusher

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Structural characteristics and performance advantages of sweet potato crusher

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First, the structural features of the sweet potato crusher:

1. The body is inlaid and sealed to avoid the spillover of the dust, and the working environment of the starch equipment is clean.

2. The frame of steel structure is convenient to move.

3. Using advanced feeding mechanism and unique feeding roller device, the feed is smooth and the productivity is high.

4, the matching power variety selection, motor, diesel engine, tractor can be matched, especially for the power shortage area more suitable.

5. The blade is made of high quality steel. It is made of special technology. It is super strong and wear-resistant. High strength bolts are used, and the use is safe and reliable.

6, the machine shell is made of continuous welding with thick steel plate, and the whole mold is formed. It is beautiful and durable.

7, equipment with high carbon alloy steel blade, high speed wind suction crushing system, stable performance, durable, good crushing effect.

8, the design of the insurance device, to prevent the gnawing of the knife accident, the whole machine is safe and reliable.

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Two, the performance advantage of sweet potato crusher

1, can be used as a multi-function broken, the equipment is equipped with a dust absorption device, no dust pollution. It has the characteristics of small noise and high efficiency.

2, cost-effective, the same productivity of the crusher is the lowest price.

3. Small volume, high efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, simple process configuration and low power consumption. The inner Tibetan rotor has no dead angle, and the grain size of the finished product is even more uniform.

4. It can be broken and fine powder and fine powder can also be carried out.

5. The machine is advanced in design, reasonable in structure, reliable in performance, convenient in use and maintenance, with small power consumption, small space and high production efficiency.

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