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What is the structure of the potato starch processing equipment?

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What is the structure of the potato starch processing equipment?

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Potato starch processing equipment will be peeled buds of potato into fine flour paste, starch equipment in the container is filled with four layers of gauze to filter two to three times, the filtrate natural precipitation, precipitation after removal of the supernatant, then the starch thin spread on the glass plate drying. Finally, the fully dried starch is sealed in the container so that it can be used at any time when seed production is needed. The seed production is called 20 grams of starch and one thousand ml of water. The nutritional ingredients of potato starch produced by this method are almost undamaged. Potato starch processing equipment will be peeled potatoes into a thin slurry, containing water and mix thoroughly in the container and four layers of gauze filter two to three times the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, easy operation, less people, can the farmyard is suitable for potato production, equipment to farmers scattered processing the advantages of small investment, comprehensive domestic and international potato starch processing equipment development and production.

 Starch equipment

  This equipment set fresh coarse crushing and fine grinding, slurry residue separation automatic filtering and other functions in one, continuous grinding and separation, avoid browning in the process of extracting starch, starch to produce white and delicate, with the processing of potato starch processing equipment powdered white color bright and transparent compared with ordinary powder products the value doubled. The crushing components using the new hedgehog type barbed nail roller, the fresh potato through the high-speed rotation of the broken filament planing roller sheet, and fine slag less, no blocking mesh, beneficial to extract starch, at the same time, do not need to wear a sharp sting thrust roller, ensure continuous operation. The principle of overflow filtration is adopted in the separation. The two stage elutriation is carried out sequentially, which prolongs the elutriation time of the material after grinding, so that the starch and fiber have enough time to separate, so as to improve the extraction rate of starch. Meanwhile, the water can be recycled and saves water.

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