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What is the structure of the starch processing equipment?

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What is the structure of the starch processing equipment?

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Starch equipment manufacturers to complete the coarse grinding, fine grinding, slurry residue separation processes three, no manual production leads to starch variation, dark color, starch residue was filamentous under the microscope in favor of starch free from the fiber, effectively improve the extraction rate of starch. The utility model has the advantages of small occupied area, less manpower, low labor intensity and high automation degree, and can be produced from digging, washing potatoes and drying. It has low energy consumption, water saving, electricity saving and low processing cost. Because the potato starch granules are large and the sweet potato starch granules are small, the processing of sweet potato starch by the existing equipment is easy to reduce the powder rate and increase the number of equipment failure. Starch processing equipment is our company's technological advantage. It not only guarantees the high quality of mechanized production and starch, but also makes the equipment investment relatively small, that is, the best cost performance has been achieved.

 Starch equipment manufacturer

    In addition to starch, protein and fat, purple sweet potato also contains rich vitamin A, vitamin B2, carotene, anthocyanin and other nutrients. It is worth mentioning that the purple sweet potato is rich in selenium, has a strong antioxidant effect, AIDS in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The nutritive part of yam is its mucus. Protein can reduce blood cholesterol and prevent lipid deposition in cardiovascular system. Sweet potato starch processing equipment is good for preventing arteriosclerosis. The feed speed can be automatically controlled according to the feed speed, the cleaning cleanliness is promoted again, and the cleaning belt is automatically fed by one machine and two people are free of manpower. The pulverizing separator is made of F1 type potato crushing separator, and the skin of the sweet potato is added to adjust the board, so that it can be completely crushed.


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