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The structure and working principle of the starch processing equipment

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The structure and working principle of the starch processing equipment

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Starch equipment manufacturers can complete the coarse grinding and fine grinding pulp, pulp three processes of separation, no manual production leads to starch variation, dark color, starch residue was filamentous under the microscope in favor of starch free from the fiber, effectively improve the extraction rate of starch.

Starch equipment manufacturer


One main structure: the machine mainly consists of feed intake, cone grinding combination, separation cylinder, agitator, clearance adjustment device, machine seat and other parts.

Two, working principle: starch raw material is sent into the feed mouth, it is smashed into filamentous shape under the action of the spiny roll, and is taken into the cone grinding seat. Driven by the helix shaft, it is squeezed into the narrow gap formed by the inner shell of the cone, and the material is further extruded, comminuted and lapping under the rotation of the inner shell of the conical mill, so that the starch is dissociated from the fiber. After being grinded, the material is squeezed into the separating cylinder and mixed with water under the action of the stirring shaft. The free starch is dissolved into the water and discharged through the separation sieve, and it is collected and ready for use. The remaining residue is pushed out of the separation cylinder outside the propelling shaft.

1, processing of potato starch: Cleaning - breakage - Separation - sand removal - concentrate - concentrate dehydration - drying - finished packaging

2, potato processing: cleaning and crushing - Separation - - - in addition to sand refined powder leakage (vermicelli vermicelli) - drying (drying) - packaging products;

3, family processing: Cleaning - grinding separation - powder leakage (vermicelli vermicelli) - drying - finished product storage.



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