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Four technological processes and systems for understanding sweet potato starch equipment

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Four technological processes and systems for understanding sweet potato starch equipment

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Technological process of sweet potato starch equipment

(1) raw material preprocessing: after the sweet potato harvest, it is usually cut into flaky or filamentous, starch equipment manufacturers after sun or fire drying, made into sweet potato dry. This kind of sweet potato is inevitably mixed with various impurities in the process of processing and transportation, so it must be pretreated. There are two kinds of pretreatment, dry method and wet method. Dry is the use of screening equipment and air separation equipment. The wet process is used by a washing machine or a washing bucket.

(2) soak: in order to improve the yield of starch, it can be soaked with alkaline water. General with saturated lime milk or 1% adding dilute alkali soaking water, the pH value is 10-11. The soaking time is about 12 hours, and the temperature is controlled at 35-40 degrees centigrade. After soaking, the water content of sweet potato chips was 60%.

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(3) breaking and grinding: after soaking, the sweet potato chips are broken with water into a hammer shredder, reaching a certain fineness and passing through the sieve hole out of the machine. In the process of crushing the instantaneous dry temperature, easily heated part of starch gelatinization, resulting in the sieving effect, starch separation and potato residue; and not easy to precipitate in the groove separation, lead powder, fine powder yield effect. In order to prevent the one pulverizing treatment easily made starch gelatinization, it is possible to use two channels to smash and screen the process. That is the first line of dry grinding, sieving, and then by second crushing processing, re sieving. In the process of crushing, in order to lower the instantaneous temperature rise, according to the different particle size, slurry concentration adjustment, first to two 3-3.5 Baume, 2-2.5 baume. At the same time the feeder feed, control the balance of sweet potato starch, avoid overload of crusher, but also conducive to the flow separation.

4) screening: sweet potato stem obtained after pulverization of sweet potato paste and liquid material, must be screened, isolated zhazai, namely fiber. Usually the shaking sieve, liquid enters the screen surface, uniform requirement of sieving, continue to pour water, starch with water through the sieve into the slurry storage pool, while the sediment retained on the sieve surface from the sieve tail exhaust. The sifter is 120 mesh nylon fabric. During the sieving process, because the viscous substances such as pectin and other sticky substances remain on the screen surface, affecting the separation effect of the sieve, therefore, the screening cloth should be frequently washed to ensure that the sieve holes are unblocked.

The drying system of sweet potato starch equipment is composed of main drive, wire rope, chain hanging device, steel structure cooling fan, exhaust fan, steam heating tube, sensor, temperature and humidity control instrument, electrical control cabinet and so on.

From the sweet potato starch equipment system that sweet potato starch production process more systematic, but also makes the production of sweet potato starch equipment varied, can meet a variety of tastes, meet the needs of more people, the system of sweet potato starch equipment also allows more rapid development of sweet potato starch, promote the development of.

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