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What do the people dont know about the corn processing equipment?

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What do the people dont know about the corn processing equipment?

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Corn deep processing equipment has the advantages of ordinary people do not know what the? Whole corn powder equipment as the pillar products of food processing industry, processing is very powerful and very advanced processing technology! It contains specific what are the advantages? And with what most people do not know the strong function?

1. the structure of corn deep processing equipment should be reasonable, with sufficient stiffness, strong connection between components, good sealing performance and durable. The motion parameters are reasonable and the screening effect is guaranteed. The operation is smooth and the noise is low.

Whole corn flour equipment

There are many kinds of classification of 2. sieves, and the variety of classification can be adjusted flexibly according to the material condition, the process requirement and the difference of the grinding system. The corn deep processing equipment has enough sieving area, reasonable sieving route and screen length. It can separate the flour sifting and grading materials according to the particle size, and has a higher sieving efficiency.

3., corn deep processing equipment can accommodate a higher volume of material flow and smooth flow of screening material. It is not easy to cause blockage in the conventional process flow fluctuation range, reduce the number of screen equipment and reduce production costs.

4. insulation performance is better, the screen box and internal channel dewing, scale insect. The processing precision of the sieves is high, the long-term use is not deformed, the corn deep processing equipment and the components are closely matched, and the powder is not chanted without powder. The sieves interchangeability is strong, so it is easy to adjust the screen and adjust the screen.

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