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What are the three processing techniques of corn processing equipment

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What are the three processing techniques of corn processing equipment

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What are the three major processing equipment of the whole corn powder respectively? Corn processing equipment in the processing of daily production can be processed into corn corn flour, corn flour, corn grits and other small grain and corn feed, corn starch, corn alcohol, corn products, these products process contains the primary processing, fine processing and the deep processing technology of the corn processing machinery broadly divided into three categories, namely primary processing technology, fine processing technology, corn deep processing technology.

Primary processing technology:

This is the grain of corn by friction, impact, and the physical process of grinding without changes in chemical composition and molecular structure. According to different products, it can be divided into three processes, single, double and joint production, and the combination is the most reasonable and cost effective method.

Whole corn flour equipment


Fine processing technology:

Corn flour is mixed, puffed and flat to change its molecular structure to form a new appearance, texture and taste, but the chemical composition will not change.

Deep processing technology of maize:

Deactivated corn flour has been processed by saccharification, hydrogenation, fermentation, oxidation and other products. Therefore, the need for deep processing is largely dependent on the corn flour, starch sugar is the largest output, including liquid sugar (glucose syrup, maltose syrup, glucose syrup containing 42% or 55% fructose), defatted corn starch sugar products (solid crystalline glucose, maltose dextrin and polyol etc.).

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