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How to produce sweet potato starch with sweet potato starch equipment

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How to produce sweet potato starch with sweet potato starch equipment

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The sweet potato starch equipment can complete the whole process of production from the cleaning of the sweet potato to the drying of the sweet potato starch. Starch equipment manufacturers timber stress, reasonable configuration, long service life, and can produce high-grade white sweet potato starch, is the ideal equipment for the construction of industrialization of sweet potato starch processing factory regular.

Sweet potato starch processing in China has a long history, often with fresh and dry potato chips as raw materials for processing, the traditional processing method is the main crushing, washing, and then the separation, precipitation, powder, dried, the entire production process cycle is long, generally the first period (not only completed the first precipitation before, you need 8-12) for an hour, then second, third times of precipitation, and some also use Physalis method, the whole process down to 2-3 days, while the starch quality does not guarantee, can not adapt to the new needs of the market. From the perspective of the whole sweet potato starch processing market in China, most of the products are mainly made of simple and small processing, and the products are relatively low level. The sweet potato starch with high quality is in great demand, and the traditional medium and small-sized sweet potato starch equipment is in urgent need of upgrading.

From now on, because the harvest time of sweet potato, sweet potato and short processing time, large volume, not suitable for long-distance transportation, and planting area in Hilly and mountainous areas, transportation inconvenience, so we still need to small and medium processing, investment should not be too large, can be used to separate processing, concentration and refining method. In order to improve the quality of the starch, mainly from starch processing processes, can be introduced into starch refining system and vacuum suction filter, starch refining system (hydroclones) can replace the sedimentation tank and the acid slurry method, vacuum suction filter can be carried out on the starch refined directly off the water, so as to improve the efficiency of starch processing. Where conditions can also be the introduction of air drying machine, make the whole process done in a few minutes. This configuration not only improves the quality of starch greatly, but also improves the efficiency, and can complete more processing in a shorter time.


How to look at the quality of sweet potato starch:

1. Is it pure sweet potato starch. There are many places to add corn starch, flour and other substances in sweet potato starch, which affect the edible nature of sweet potato starch. The following method can be used to distinguish the sound method - pinch a bit of powder with the thumb and index finger and twist the twisting and twisting. The pure starch is smooth and delicate, and the creaking sound is found. Adulterated starch is a rough hand. Water test - take a small amount of starch and put it in a cup of water and stir it for a moment. The pure starch will soon precipitate, the water above is still clear, and the water on the adulterated starch is cloudy.

Two, the starch is pure. The sweet potato starch manufacturers in small workshops are often unable to carry out mechanized cleaning and contain a large amount of sediment, which is an important aspect that affects the edible properties of sweet potato starch.

Three. Whether sulfur dioxide exceeds the standard. The food bleaching agent sulphuric acid and its salts have bleaching, decolorization, antioxidation and anticorrosion, and their residues in food are sulfur dioxide. The toxicity of sulphuric acid and salt is small. When a small amount of human intake is taken, it is quickly oxidized into sulfate in the body and expelled from the body. One day intake of 1G did not find any obstacle; one day intake of 4-6g, the gastrointestinal damage, can cause severe diarrhea. Chronic effects can cause headache, damage to the liver, and decrease the hemoglobin of red blood cells. Therefore, the State adopts limited use, and the residue of sulfur dioxide in the edible starch is not more than 30.00mg/kg. For sweet potato starch, small and medium size starch producers usually use sulfur dioxide instead of sulphur dioxide. However, some manual workers in order to improve the whiteness of starch, they also fumigate sweet potato starch with sulfur.

Four, whether the water is exceeding the standard. Excessive moisture is mainly caused by the lax control process in production control process or separate loading. Too high moisture content can cause starch moldy and deterioration, which is not good for human health, nor is it conducive to the safe storage of starch.

Five, whether there is a smell of starch. There are many places simple processing of sweet potato starch by fermentation method for processing, Physalis itself does not have what harm can accelerate starch precipitation, improve starch whiteness, but in the application of law was affected by human factors too much, is not easy to control, so that the starch has a sour taste. In another case, the wet starch is placed for too long and acidified, but the acidified starch generally does not affect the consumption. It can be soaked in water and then precipitated to remove some sour taste.

Six. Whether the protein content is qualified. Protein mainly reflects the separation of protein in raw materials, which is generally required in industrial, pharmaceutical or demanding food processing industry, and it is not very commonly used. The protein is separated by a cyclone or a concentration and protein separator.

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