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Starch processing equipment is concerned in the market

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Starch processing equipment is concerned in the market

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   Along with the economic development, the starch equipment manufacturers have been developed rapidly in the market, the increasing demand in the market, well received by consumers, widely used in textile, paper, matches, asbestos, paste, dressing, casting, oil drilling industry, the development prospects of starch equipment manufacturers in the market. Very broad.

Starch equipment manufacturer


Sweet potato is a kind of stable food crops, sweet potato high yield, easy for good tube, it has strong adaptability, resistance to cold and barren, acid, climatic conditions and soil conditions to adapt to a wide range of paddy field, dry land and land can be planted, and can obtain a considerable yield. The average yield per mu of sweet potato is 3000 kilograms, the highest is 5000 kilograms. Analysis: (production has a great relationship with soil, regional climate, variety)

At present, the domestic market demand for a variety of deep processed sweet potato starch equipment is up to a million tons, but the domestic quantity is less than half. In recent years, the demand for denatured powder (acid modified starch, oxidizing denaturation powder and carboxyalkyl denatured powder), which is more demanding in food, papermaking, textile and petroleum industries, has reached 4 million tons in recent years, and the market for instant noodles needs nearly 300 thousand tons.

In recent years, starch equipment manufacturers have been vigorously publicized and popularized. People gradually have a new understanding of sweet potato starch, which provides an opportunity for food development. At present, the popularity rate of sweet potato plant in China is far lower than that of some developed countries in Europe and Asia. The development of sweet potato starch equipment is still at the initial stage in China, and the future development prospect is very broad.

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