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Airflow drying unit

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Airflow drying unit

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Detailed introduction

Airflow drying unit

The NAGZQ airstream drier is a high speed hot gas flow which makes the dry material suspended, and the pulse air flow generated by the change of pipe diameter makes the material continuously roll and make the material dry in the process of air transportation.


Using the piecewise variable diameter pulse tube, the velocity fluctuation of the air flow is changed, the heat transfer coefficient is greatly improved, and energy saving is greatly saved in the continuous drying operation.

The drying process only takes about 2 seconds, and the temperature of the material is not more than 150.

The device operates under the state of negative pressure, and the operating environment is clean and pollution-free.

This machine is a energy-saving product; the power consumption and steam consumption of the whole machine are lower than that of other drying equipment. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the area is small, and the investment is saved.

Airflow drying unit

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