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What are the technologies that need to be attached to corn processing equipment

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What are the technologies that need to be attached to corn processing equipment

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A complete production line of corn processing is a supporting technology and the combination of many, including processing part plays a key role in the whole process, is essential, in order to ensure the quality of corn products, which process is in need of attention?

First, compared to the ordinary corn processing, deep processing, the whole process will be more complex, the finished product of the variety is more. With the improvement of technology level, the automation level of the equipment is improved. It can be screened from raw material to peeling, degerm to water mixing, to molding, cooling, drying, to screening finished products, and packaging has been completed quickly, and the efficiency has increased a lot.

 Whole corn flour equipment

Among them, the more important processing flow of the whole corn flour equipment is the preparatory work of the front. Such as screening, because we need to remove all kinds of impurities such as stone, iron wire and straw sticks in corn, and get the raw material with even grain size. Therefore, it is recommended to use the matching cleaner in the system to save labor and get high quality corn seeds.

For example, it is the key process for processing corn. It is necessary to put the uniform corn flour into a molding machine and extruded by heating. In the process, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of cutting the cutting blade of the extruder's outlet. Otherwise, the shape is difficult to achieve the ideal effect. In a word, operators should pay attention to compliance with the use of equipment. At the same time, pay attention to regular maintenance to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the equipment.

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