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Protein extraction equipment

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Protein purification concentrating membrane separation equipment

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Protein purification concentrating membrane separation equipment

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Protein extraction equipment

Integrated membrane separation technology is integrated with microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane technology. It is mainly used for filtration, separation, extraction, purification and concentration. To meet customers in the technological transformation of traditional industries and upgrading of products need replacement membrane in the process of industrial production, to a great extent optimize the traditional enterprise process, reduce the investment cost of enterprises and the overall operating costs, and improve productivity and competitiveness of products, improve product quality and grades, shorten the recovery period of investment show superiority great.

The advantages of integrated membrane separation system:

Summary of system 1, to achieve different level of filtration function shows the characteristics of membrane separation technology, the aseptic filtration, clarification filtration, membrane function separation, purification and concentration of different filtration level achieved summary of the production process, to achieve the true sense of the advantage of the integration of microfiltration ultrafiltration nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane technology.

2, high treatment flux and anti fouling performance, good membrane regeneration performance, core membrane components, ceramic membrane (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, composite) will have high stability, high processing flux and high strength anti pollution performance. The organic ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane components in the system will use membrane products produced by world famous membrane companies to ensure that you get the best organic membrane components in the world.

3, advanced technology and technology maturity, the system technology is designed by the company's professional craftsmen and senior engineers. Compared with the traditional filtration, extraction and concentration process, the integrated system technology is advanced and the technology is mature, and the quality of the products has been significantly improved.

Protein extraction equipment

4, unit flexibility and operation stability. All filter level membrane systems are self operated units, which can achieve continuous industrial production, and can also be flexibly optimized according to production needs. The whole system is enlarged step by step.

5, the material and structure integrated membrane separation system is elaborately made of food or health grade stainless steel, with reasonable layout, compact structure, beautiful appearance and less floor area.

6, the control system in order to ensure accurate and easy on the membrane system for operation and maintenance, the company will be based on the specific needs of users, personalized and standardized control design, operation and maintenance to provide the best platform for each customer at the same time, the important operation parameters of membrane system on line monitoring, ensure maximum film stable operation of the system.

7, economic benefits can be significantly improved because of the low operation and operation cost of the membrane system, short production cycle and investment recovery period, high product quality and high production efficiency.

8, the social benefits of becoming integrated membrane system, will effectively alleviate the waste emissions in the traditional process, reduce the content of COD and total BOD of wastewater and the wastewater, obvious social benefits.

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