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Reasonable adjustment before use of all powder equipment can improve productivity

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Reasonable adjustment before use of all powder equipment can improve productivity

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Reasonable adjustment before use of all powder equipment can improve productivity

In the processing of the preparatory work before the use of whole corn powder is very important, if the equipment daily maintenance custom remember plus before using the corn mill reasonable adjustment will greatly improve its production efficiency! This will bring greater economic benefits for the enterprise, so do the work of each expected corn processing plant work! Then how to adjust the corn mill?

Whole corn flour equipment


(1) grinding the uniformity of the particles. When entering the same grinding system, the granularity of material particles is very different. Some smaller particles will not be lapping, so the output will be affected. If we want to avoid this, we should minimize this gap and ensure evenness.

(2) the capacity of grinding materials. By using corn grinding, the endosperm is gradually scraped, with the number of skin mill pusher, reduce the bulk density, corn deep processing equipment unit flow is reduced. It is very important to learn how to control the amount of raw materials.

The height of grinding teeth. In grinding process, with the gradual wear of grinding teeth, it is not easy to grasp the material, but the sliding on the surface of the roller increases, and the material in the two grinding gap decreases, and the output will gradually decrease. At this time, pay attention to the timely replacement or adjustment.

(4) adjusting the crushing degree of the material. When the equipment is operated, the length of the grinding area increases with the decrease of the rolling distance. At this time, the number of teeth of the fast roll to the material increases and the degree of comminution is increased.

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