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Protein extraction equipment

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Flash dryer - protein extraction equipment

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Flash dryer - protein extraction equipment

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The flash dryer is driven by hot air into the bottom of the dryer, and is driven by a stirrer to form a strong rotating wind field. Protein extraction equipment material from the spiral feeder into the dryer, the strong function of high speed rotating impeller, dispersed material impact, friction and shearing force, the bulk material rapidly crushing, hot air and full contact, heated and dried. The dry material is carried into the dust collecting system by the airflow to collect and process. It meets the requirements of environmental protection. The dust content of 50mg/m3 exhaust is drained from the draught fan and the whole drying process is completed.

Protein extraction equipment

Advantages of flash equipment

1 weeks to dry indoor high gas velocity, short residence time, effectively prevent the wall sticking of materials and heat sensitive material deterioration, and a uniform drying into powder products, eliminating the crushing and screening processes.

2 the drying room is equipped with a classification ring and a swirling flow sheet, and the fineness and final moisture of the material are adjustable. The special air separation device reduces the resistance of the equipment and improves the drying uniformity of the material effectively.

3 special cooling device and air tight package are set up at the bottom of the dryer, which avoids the deterioration of the material in the high temperature zone at the bottom.

4 can effectively control the end water and fineness, through the feeding, hot air temperature, grader adjustment, to ensure that the moisture content and fineness of the product uniform and uniform.

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