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Brief process and equipment for deep processing of potato

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Brief process and equipment for deep processing of potato

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1. Main equipment

The squirrel cage type sweet potato washer, the automatic feed washing machine, the crusher, the separator, the starch slurry mixer, the fine filter, the sand removing machine, the mixer, the fan machine. Starch equipment manufacturers of small family users only need to buy potato washing machine, crushing and separating one of the abrasive slurry separator and fans can carry out three vermicelli processing powder (starch, vermicelli, vermicelli).

2. Process flow

Fresh potatoes -- cleaning -- crushing -- A type filter (coarse filter) -- sand removal -- B filter (fine filtration) -- precipitation -- fans -- molding -- cooling -- airing -- packaging.

3. Operation method.

(1) material selection. It is suitable to choose fresh sweet potato with high starch and no rotting (sweet potato, potato, cassava, etc.). Generally 4 to 5 pounds of fresh sweet potato or potato starch, processed 1 pounds of flour, a pound of starch can be processed 1 pounds 1 two to 2 two vermicelli vermicelli.

(2) sweet potato. It is divided into two stage cleaning 1. squirrel cage type sweet potato washer for cleaning a large amount of sediment on the surface of fresh sweet potato. 2. automatic tuber washing machine is used to clean the surface pit of fresh sweet potato. It also has the effect of peeling.

(3) broken. With high speed rotating hammer, 1.2 steel screen is used at the bottom of the crusher. After the fresh sweet potato is crushed, it enters the next process.

(4) filtering. The processing capacity of each unit is about 1.5 tons, and is selected according to the quantity of production. The separated starch pulp was directly introduced into the sedimentation tank, and the potato residue was basically free from water after separation.

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(5) sand removal. The use of stainless steel material is used to remove sand and remove impurities from starch.

(6) fine filtration. After desoling, the starch is a coarse starch. In order to improve the quality of starch, a fine filter is needed.

(7) excluding water, precipitation, the powder can carry three powder processing. Starch can also be sold in dry packaging.

(8) vermicelli vermicelli forming. Take 100 pounds of starch 90 pounds of water, poured into the mixer, stir to evenly lift like short silk. Then the pulp is introduced into the fan feeder, opening the gate to drain the powder and cutting the length required according to the demand. The replacement of different bushings can produce coarse and fine, wide and narrow different vermicelli vermicelli, vermicelli.

(9) spread out. The molding fan stand is aired in the cool place to avoid direct sunlight and wind blowing, so as to avoid excessive water loss and influence the effect of powder opening. Stand 4 to 8 hours, the vermicelli fans can be opened and hard surface after drying powder.

(10) hang up on the shelf. The weather is fine, half a day to dry. When the vermicelli fans 7.8 into dry the powder collecting time. (such as the shortage of sales of large goods can also be used to dry, but increased processing costs) (11) packing. Put the fans down and stand in the room for 2 - 4 hours. With the blade cut into 30 - 40 cm long, into the plastic bags, sealing, packing for small fan.



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