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What is the control of the fineness of the pulverizing fineness of the whole corn flour equipment

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What is the control of the fineness of the pulverizing fineness of the whole corn flour equipment

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The milling fineness of corn deep processing equipment is what control? Corn deep processing equipment can be processed into corn grain corn grits, corn flour, corn flour, corn feed and other various fineness of large and small particles, meet the various needs of the people! So these different fineness of corn products is how to produce the? What is the corn deep processing equipment to control the fineness?

Whole corn flour equipment


In the process of corn processing, there are different kinds of corn deep processing equipment, different models and different configurations. The fineness and grade of processed corn flour are also different. The difference of corn deep processing equipment is actually the difference of internal parts of corn deep processing equipment.

How large the corn kernel is crushed to be, the fineness of the processed corn flour is mainly related to the grinding roller of the corn deep processing equipment, the size of the roller tooth spacing, the speed and the rotation direction of the grinding roller are all related to the particle size of the corn flour. The smaller the pitch of the roller is, the more delicate the corn is, the smaller the speed of the roller is, the more rough the corn is. The closer the rotation direction of the roller is, the smaller the grain size of the corn is.

What are the skills to pay attention to in the processing and production of corn processing machinery?

There are a lot of small details need to pay attention to the process of corn processing machinery of corn processing, a slightly inappropriate place will affect the processing of corn! Need corn processing machinery for its treatment before being made of food, in order to corn into powder can produce a variety of styles. The whole work process can be carried out according to the requirements from the selection of corn kernel to the process of making flour, so as to ensure that the processed corn flour has a good taste. A series of work processes are needed to meet the demand for corn flour processed by corn processing machines.

First, the corn grain, which is used as the raw material, should be removed from the hybrid process. Good quality yellow corn with no mildew, no moth, and no odor is used as raw material, into a clean shallow large basin, open and selected manually. The shedding of corn grain, corn cob, corn skin pedicle and hard sand, mud and other impurities are filtered out, leaving only the corn grain reserve clean. After screening, the content of the raw material of maize should not exceed 3%.

The corn grains will be washed with clean water for 3 - 5 times, repeatedly cleaning, but do not overly rub, so as to avoid the large amount of loss of starch in the corn grain. When cleaning, impurities should be removed in time. Wash the basin water to be bright. The washed corn grains are placed in the shallow mouth container and are laid to dry and dry to the surface when the surface is basically dry.

The dried corn grains were sent to the dryer for further drying. Turn on the switch and adjust the temperature to 110 centigrade and dry for 7 - 8 minutes. After drying the corn grain to be loose, not a group, not brown.

Then, the treated corn grains were sent into the pulverizer for grinding and grinding. The fineness of the pulverized corn flour is 60 - 200 orders, and the water content of the flour is about 20%. Corn powder fineness according to the different corn food to adjust, below 100 mesh suitable for corn porridge, adult Edible Maize paste; 200 mesh and 200 mesh above the ultra fine powder delicate taste, suitable for infant nutrition paste; corn powder fineness most commonly used is about 120 - 150. Can use this powder, vermicelli, vermicelli, crispy rice, instant noodles etc..

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