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Protein extraction equipment

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The working principle and characteristics of the flash dryer - protein extraction equipment

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The working principle and characteristics of the flash dryer - protein extraction equipment

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The hot air cut into the bottom of the dryer, and is driven by the mixer to form a strong rotating wind field. Protein extraction equipment paste material from the spiral feeder into the dryer, the strong function of high speed rotating impeller, dispersed material impact, friction and shearing force, the bulk material rapidly crushing, hot air and full contact, heated and dried. After drying, the dry material rises with the hot air flow, and the large particles are trapped by the grading ring. The small particles are discharged from the central part of the ring center outside the dryer, which is recovered by cyclone separator and dust collector. The dry material or large material is thrown to the wall by centrifugal force, and then falls to the bottom to be crushed and dried.


Performance characteristics

The organic combination of swirl, flow, spouting and crushing classification technology.

The equipment is compact, small size, high production efficiency, continuous production is realized

The "small equipment production".

The dry strength, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency.


The negative pressure or negative pressure operation, good sealing, high efficiency, eliminate environmental pollution.

Flash dryer as a new type of equipment has been widely applied in titanium dioxide industry in recent years. At present, the commonly used models for titanium dioxide industry are type 1400, 1600 type flash dryer, which can meet the quality requirements of titanium dioxide. In the titanium dioxide industry, the company will continue to adhere to technological innovation as always, and continuously improve its innovative capability, so as to make continuous efforts for the sustainable development of titanium dioxide industry and drying industry.

The flash dryer mainly consists of the air inlet system, the heating system, the feeding system, the drying host, the collecting and dedusting system, the air exhaust system and the control system. When the wet material enters the drying chamber by the screw feeder, the material meet with the high-speed rotation of the hot air in the drying chamber, fine powdery material by hot air drying chamber with moving to the top, can not take away the material falling at the bottom of the drying chamber, is at the bottom of the crushing device is broken, the material is quickly dispersed, the contact area of the material and the hot air the rapid increase of. Under the action of centrifugal force (the top has a grading device), the product that reaches the drying degree and the fineness is blown out of the grading device, and the material is quickly dried in this process.

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